With an aim to offer legal services that clients can expect from leading law firms in Thailand, Lawmantell is thus established to meet such expectation.

  • Our Group is committed to offer a wide range of legal services that clients can expect from leading law firms in Thailand. Prior to forming Lawmantell, each firm member has given legal services in their specialized areas and has built strong relationships with their clients. As lawyers of our Group have strong expertise in different areas, with the consents of the clients, a number of projects have been jointly worked among our firm members. Hence, it is now the right time to officially announce our new network brand.
  • Each member in Lawmantell is independent and works closely with its clients, while each is ready to recommend its clients to any high-caliber experts from our network for any particular area of law. We believe that by becoming your law firm in mind, you start with the lawyer, not the firm, whom you trust. You need such a Lawman to Tell or advise you other lawyers whom he/she trusts in legal services of other areas.
We know each other:

We are not just a network. We know each other as we have worked together in various matters and projects before. Our leading lawyers of our Group shared similar background of working in the same international law firm in Bangkok.

Firm Members: CN International Law, Channel Law & Advisory, Somphob Tax and
Law Office, The Unified Counsel, Tinaphong Law, Wiwat Law Biz Tax,
and Work Master Consultants